I am

I am a singer, holistic voice practitioner, coach, facilitator and teacher.
I am passionate about empowering women to BE FREE to be all of who they are. I delight in seeing women giving voice to their truth and fully expressing themselves in their closest relationships, homes, workplaces and community.

I am trained in therapeutic sound and voice, in social work and jazz performance. I am experienced in holding space for others as a coach and group facilitator and I feel deep joy as I witness women becoming more of who they are and opening up to living a life of deep meaning and connection.

I believe

I believe that women’s voices matter and that using our voices is our birthright.

I believe that women need to be seen and heard.

I believe that using our authentic voices is the missing piece in creating freedom – for ourselves, our families and communities.

I share

I coach women, using a personalised Signature program I’ve created to help each unique and wonderful woman to live their life out loud.

I facilitate groups, bringing women together to connect with each other and themselves, explore and play with the magic of voice for self-expression, healing and wellbeing.

I teach individuals, helping them claim their authentic voice for self-discovery, creativity and leadership in a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental space.

I perform as a singer, giving voice to the beauty of music with song, mantra and sacred sound both on my own and with others for the sheer joy of it all.

I promise

Wherever you are on your journey to living your life out loud, I will support and guide you with kindness, compassion and integrity and with the understanding that you are the author of your own life.

About therapeutic voice

The methodology of Holistic Voice Therapy emerged from the growing need for people to explore their life-process and improve health and well-being through voice-work.

Using voice and sound in a therapeutic way enables us to connect in with ourselves on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and energetically.

As we are all made from energy at a fundamental level, therapeutic sound can help to facilitate the free-flowing of energy within our system allowing the system to balance itself. Even when we are not consciously listening, our ears are always on alert and our systems are responding to the sounds around us. Using sound in this way is like ‘vibration medicine’.

Our voices are our vocal fingerprints and are unique to us. They are the bridge between our inner and outer worlds and, for each of us, our voice can help us expand our energy, achieve a deep level of relaxation and give us a boost when we are low on energy.

Voice used in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques, enables us to improve health and wellbeing. It can also lead to deep personal transformation.

Importantly, as a holistic voice practitioner I work on the basis that each person’s voice is a pathway to creating personal wellbeing and is a perfect instrument for this purpose. It does not need to be ‘fixed’ or altered. Rather, the person simply needs to be supported and encouraged to free their voice, and by extension, themselves.

If you’d like to read a little more about sound and voice as therapeutic tools, you might like to check out the following link


The 5R’s model developed by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) is the framework I use in my work

My journey

I’ve always sung. From as early as I can remember, this has been a part of me, of who I am in my deepest self.

And yet it’s taken me more than 4 decades to finally own and celebrate my voice, and by extension myself.

I could give you lots of stories about why it took me so long – like having two professional opera singing parents, both with big voices and big personalities. And how hard it was to use my voice in front of them, fearing judgement and criticism.

Or how I found it hard to give voice to what I thought and felt – at school, at university, at work – for fear of being wrong or not good enough. Or how I kept quiet to keep the peace in some pretty unhealthy personal relationships.

Lots and lots of scripts were running on the inside, that kept me stuck and kept me quiet in this cage of my own making, where I played small to be safe. Where I didn’t use my own voice in the way I wanted to and needed.

On the outside, it probably looked like I was confident and self-assured, but in truth I was using enormous amounts of energy to constantly keep my ‘game face’ intact so I could navigate the world. It was exhausting!

The call to use my voice was nonetheless stronger than all my negative self-talk and the many fears I had and so I kept putting myself out there, joining gospel and community choirs, forming and performing in jazz bands until finally, I found pure sacred sound. And in the process, discovered my own, authentic voice.

It was a revelation – learning how to align my physical voice with the one deep inside of me. I learned how it was possible to use sound and voice as ‘vibration medicine’ for healing, wellbeing, self-expression and ultimately, transformation.

I now know how powerful voice is in shifting stuck energy, emotions, beliefs and patterns. How to come unstuck in a good way!

Voice is so much more than I ever thought possible. I understand that it is the bridge between our inner and outer world and enables us to connect in with ourselves on all levels of being.

I now know that my voice and yours is our superpower and ultimate self-empowerment tool.

This is what I want to share with other women.

When we each feel free to be deeply and authentically ourselves and give voice to this woman, we can Live Life Out Loud in every part of our lives.

We only have this one precious life. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Substance and integrity

You and your voice are precious. So too are your time, energy and resources. So, it’s important to me that you can be confident that we are a good fit.

I value

  • Integrity
  • Substance
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Professionalism

My knowledge and skills

  • Professional Diploma in Group Voice Therapy (British Academy of Sound Therapy) (Distinction)
  • Training in Kodaly philosophy and teaching in early childhood music
  • AMEB piano (Grade 6)
  • Jazz performance (study and practice)
  • Bachelor Degree in Social Work (UNSW)
  • Experienced and skilled group facilitator
  • Practice (group and individual) therapeutic sound and voice techniques
  • Experienced life coach

Professional memberships

International Institute of Complementary Therapists

Therapeutic Voice Association