Time to receive, time to play

I invite you to make space for pure, healing sound in your everyday life,
whether you simply wish to receive or take a more active role by using your own voice for vitality and deep wellbeing.

Relaxation and healing

We bathe in water and sunshine and we can also bathe in sound. If you’ve never had a voice bath, you’re in for a treat.

Simply receive as you are transported to a deep state of relaxation where voice and sound initiates a conversation with your whole system, shifting stuck energy, balancing and creating profound well-being.

This is perfect for when you need to relax, recharge and release in a safe and nurturing space and just focus on you.

Sonic Tonics

These quick and easy Sonic Tonics will show you how to use your voice to calm, energise, strengthen, release and support your health and wellbeing.

Each practice can easily be integrated into your daily life and offers a practical tool to manage everyday challenges that can leave you feeling frazzled, anxious or just depleted. And it’s as simple as using your voice.

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Album – Giving Voice

Featuring Deborah Burnett on vocals and Michael Kelly on Didgeridoo and guitar, this acoustic album is an eclectic mix of songs and mantras designed to soothe, calm and uplift the spirit.

To order your copy, simply email Deborah at [email protected]. Cost is $25 plus postage.

Giving Voice Sampler
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Sonic Caffeine (ee)

Ideal for when you need a quick energy boost.

Sonic Hot Chocolate (aahhh)

Create the benefits of a luscious and soothing hot chocolate, without the calories!

Sonic Cuddle (hum)

Perfect for when you need to be soothed and nurtured, from the inside.

Sonic Grounding (er)

When you’re being pulled in many directions and starting to ‘spin out’, ground yourself using this potent practice.

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