Shared voice is a gift

While your voice is one of your ultimate tools for self-expression, it can also be used to create health and well-being. Truly.

Research* shows that using your voice can lower your blood pressure, boost your immunity and help bring your whole system into balance, and that’s just before breakfast!

Your voice is uniquely yours and is in effect, your vocal finger print. It is the bridge between your inner and outer world and enables you to connect in with yourself on all levels of being.

Whether you want to shift stuck energy, feel more confident in vocalising (speaking or singing), create internal space and alignment, or be seen and heard, Live Life Out Loud is all about supporting you on this journey. To be fully, authentically all of you.

*British Academy of Sound Therapy

Group Voice

Explore the magic of your voice for health, vitality, self-expression, balance and a whole lot more, in this nurturing and totally safe space with a group of like-minded women.

Finding, using and ultimately celebrating your unique and wonderful voice is truly one of the most powerful and loving things you can do for yourself and the planet.
This program is ideal for women who value the group learning process and the wonderful experience of shared voice. Regular weekly and fortnightly sessions are available.

Community Voice

The Community Voice group program is available for not-for-profit and community-based organisations who work with vulnerable women and girls.
Its aim is to empower each woman to free and use her voice so that she is able to fully express herself in her life. In so doing, each woman grows in self esteem and self assurance as she experiences herself as being in ‘the driver’s seat of her own life’.

My role as facilitator is to support each person’s process with compassion and non-judgement, focused on ensuring that each woman feels safe, supported and valued for her unique self and enjoys her process of self-discovery.

This program is ideal for clients who are ready to step into the next chapter of their lives, and who would benefit from a group process that supports their growing sense of self in a safe and nurturing space.

Workplace Voice

With a focus on building connections within the workplace, this engaging, fun and practical half-day ‘playshop’ is designed to bring colleagues together in a different and playful way, while building team cohesion and individual self confidence. It includes :

  • Icebreakers
  • Vocal games
  • Exercises
  • Practices
  • Tool box

This ‘playshop’ is ideal for any workplace that wants to promote wellbeing, connection and confidence amongst its employees, and offers a unique alternative to typical ‘team building’ activities.

Consider this for your staff wellbeing program, your next staff development day or conference. I’d love to work with you.

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